Registered Nurse Jobs in Virginia

Registered nurse (RN) jobs in Virginia are in demand! Registered nurses have the education, skills and training to do it all and many government and military medical facilities need them. “There’s a strong demand for more specialized registered nurses today,” says Tamika Noel, director of operations for the RieLes Group, which focuses on government staffing. “We’re seeing a lot more clients seeking particular specialties and not just an RN; maybe an RN specializing in dialysis, for example.” 

 Demanding better pay and benefits 

Demand for RN jobs is reflected in the pay and benefits these professionals seek today, including incentives like paid relocation, “It’s definitely their playing field now,” says Tamika.  

 So why would a registered nurse in Virginia seek a temporary position today, given the demand for RNs, especially those with sought-after specialties? “Some seek a better work/life balance,” Tamika notes, “So, as a temporary worker, you can pick up shifts when you want to, and you can work at your convenience instead of being scheduled for three or four 12-hour shifts.”  


Nurses who take on these flexible roles can come from a variety of backgrounds. “They might be young families with new babies at home or the recently retired who want to keep their skills sharp,” says Tamika. “We like to target retired candidates with military hospital backgrounds because it can be easier for them to get the kinds of security clearances these jobs require for government positions. They also know and understand the whole structure of military hospital facilities.” That means they can hit the ground running, while a candidate with only a civilian background needs to learn the ropes. 

Speaking the language 

 Working in a government/military environment differs significantly from a commercial situation not only in terms of security clearances but also in the language used and the scope of service provided since military healthcare typically extends to the families of the enlisted ranks and commissioned officers as well.  

 RieLes group uses a variety of methods to locate qualified candidates for registered nurse jobs in Virginia, which include a database of potential hires and a robust network of current and former people in the field who pass along high-potential leads. “We often find that referrals make the best employees. There’s nothing like an RN that knows another RN,” says Tamika. RieLes Group also relies on social media, websites and other online and offline channels to seek out registered nurse candidates.  

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