Our Professional Support Staffing Agency Services

Professional Support

Your professional support personnel are the ones who put the polish on the CEO’s presentation, the style in the company’s messaging, and the techno-wizardry in the organization’s IT platform. They tally the numbers, write the product manuals, assist the scientists, and make the digital world go around.

Work with the right agency for your professional support staffing needs.

Whether you need a social worker, technical writer, accountant, or IT professional, our team can recruit the staff you need to keep your operation running effectively. Trust us to provide staffing for your organization with the following service providers:

  • Accountant
  • Counseling/Mental Health Specialist
  • Social Worker
  • Technical Writer
  • Research Assistant/Scientist
  • Information Technology Support
  • IT Professional

Temporary Employment

We offer temporary assignments to workers who are looking to answer seasonal demands, join special projects, and fill employee absences. This is a good option for people who want to have a flexible work schedule while learning new skills and discovering new career opportunities. Our job placement specialists are the best of the best!


This job category allows job seekers and organizations to try out the job fit. RieLes Group LLC employees can enhance their skillsets, build resumes, and support organizational productivity for the hiring company. If the employee and business are on board with the fit, this can turn into a long-term career opportunity.