Physicians Jobs in Maryland (MD)

Diagnosing, treating, and maintaining the health of patients, physicians serve as the lynchpin of today’s massive healthcare industry. The total number of physician jobs in 2022 in the United States was 816,900, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), and the job outlook should increase by about 3% through 2032, matching the overall rate of growth for all jobs in the United States.

BLS forecasts that there will be just over 24,000 job openings for physicians and surgeons annually during this period. Many of these openings will result from the need to replace current physicians who retire, change occupations, or leave the industry for other reasons.

Physicians' jobs include those in clinical settings such as doctors’ offices, or hospitals, both commercial and government-run. They also include non-clinical environments in government agencies, nonprofit organizations, or insurance companies.

Specializing in government openings

RieLes Group specializes in fulfilling government agency requirements for physicians jobs in Maryland and recruiting physicians for those positions. We offer temporary and direct placement staffing services.

Our experienced recruiters are experts at locating, recruiting, vetting, screening, and onboarding qualified physicians for government departments and agencies. We also make it easy for physicians seeking a change of pace to find new positions that better suit their needs. From physicians and nurses to clinicians and phlebotomists to health and wellness educators, RieLes Group can deliver the talent government agencies need.

Your solution for finding and screening physicians

RieLes specializes in recruiting and placing physicians with all specialties in government jobs in states like Maryland, as well as Virginia, Florida, and Georgia. We understand these markets, the demand profiles of the involved government agencies, how they work, what they’re looking for, and how they do business.

How government agencies operate can differ significantly from typical commercial practices due to the greater need for security background checks, government and military organizational differences, and the need to understand other issues. RieLes has years of experience working with government departments and agencies and understands these and other concerns, enabling them to find candidates best suited for the environment.

Delivering highly competent talent

Government departments and agencies seeking medical staff need highly competent talent to achieve success. We at the RieLes Group can support your short-term, seasonal, high-volume, and niche contract requirements.

To discuss your need to fill government physician jobs in Maryland and across the U.S., or if you are a physician looking for new opportunities, contact RieLes Group.