Physician Jobs in Texas

Texas is a major healthcare hub with numerous opportunities for physicians across various specialties and practice settings. RieLes Group frequently has openings for hospitalists, nocturnists, emergency room (ER) physicians, general practitioners, and other physician roles interested in contract positions within military installations, VA hospitals, and other federal healthcare facilities in the state. 

The physician job market in Texas is robust, driven by a growing and aging population. Major healthcare systems are actively recruiting physicians, particularly in high-demand specialties such as primary care, emergency medicine, internal medicine, and surgery. Rural and underserved areas also have a consistent need for general practitioners and internists willing to provide essential healthcare services. 

Diverse Practice Settings

When seeking physician jobs in Texas, you can explore opportunities in various settings, including: 

  • Military bases and VA medical centers 
  • Public health clinics and community health centers 
  • Federal prisons and correctional facilities 
  • Rural and critical access hospitals 
  • Ambulatory surgical centers and outpatient clinics 

These government-affiliated contracts often come with competitive compensation packages and the chance to serve diverse patient populations.   

Qualifications and Licensing

To practice as a physician in Texas, you must hold a valid medical license issued by the Texas Medical Board. The licensing process involves meeting educational requirements, passing exams, and undergoing background checks. Additionally, many positions may require board certification in your specialty. 

If you are a qualified hospitalist, nocturnist, ER physician, general practitioner, or other physician seeking contract opportunities within federal healthcare facilities in Texas, RieLes Group can assist you in finding suitable roles that align with your expertise and career goals. Explore our current openings or contact us to discuss your preferences.