Phlebotomist Jobs in Florida

Phlebotomists, or nurses trained in drawing blood, are in demand in Florida.

The job requires them to draw quality blood samples from patients and prepare the samples for lab testing, adhering to established practices and procedures.  

Working directly with patients 

Those with phlebotomist jobs in Florida have direct contact with patients and strive to establish an atmosphere of trust and confidence. They seek to achieve process excellence in performing this job and exhibit a strong dedication to maintaining patient information accuracy and confidentiality. They explain the procedures to patients and then skillfully draw blood specimens.  Working under supervision, phlebotomists perform specific daily activities correctly and on schedule while maintaining a safe, hygienic, and professional environment. Ideally, they perform duties with confidence, including both forensic and clinical specimen collection and processing procedures following established practices and procedures. They also maintain necessary records and documentation. 

While Florida does not require a special state certification for phlebotomists, it is possible to become nationally certified through several different organizations. Phlebotomists should exhibit excellent venipuncture techniques, including the ability to draw blood from the most difficult patients. Candidates should typically hold a high school diploma or general educational development (GED) certificate. They should have a positive patient service attitude and basic data entry skills.  

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