Medical Staffing Agency

A medical staffing agency locates, qualifies and delivers personnel trained in virtually any discipline – from physicians and nurses to front office employees. Whether serving military or other government-run health institutions, a good medical staffing agency can quickly find the people you need to make your medical establishment hum.

High-quality staffing services

At RieLes Group, our mission is to locate the medical professionals you need and deliver them when and where you need them. With offices in Georgia and Maryland, we can easily serve many of the east coast and southern government medical installations, ensuring you receive high-quality staffing services.

We have a knack for finding the right healthcare personnel for the job. Are you looking for registered nurses, medical records clerks or laboratory technicians? Maybe you need medical technologists, physical therapy assistants, nurse practitioners or certified phlebotomists. How about pharmacy technicians, physicians, dietitians, dentists or dental technicians? We can help you fill all these positions and more.

Temporary and temporary-to-hire staffing

At RieLes Group, we offer both temporary employment and temporary-to-hire positions. As the name implies, temporary employment positions are contract assignments that suit workers seeking 1-5 year placement opportunities. These jobs are ideal for qualified workers who enjoy gaining experience at varied facilities and working at government installations.

The temporary-to-hire category enables job seekers and hiring organizations to try out the job fit. With our help, workers can enhance their skillsets, build their resumes and see whether they like working in the position and environment. If so, and the organization is onboard as well, the job can become a long-term career opportunity. The temporary-to-hire plan is a low-risk way for companies (and workers) to try each other out before making a long-term commitment.

Experts serving government agencies

We at RieLes Group have strong experience in serving medical institutions associated with federal, state and local agencies. Our medical staffing agency understands process and protocols for government run facilities and the criteria they seek in potential workers. After years of service, we have developed a database of candidates as well as formal and informal ways of reaching out to qualified professionals.

When you make RieLes your medical staffing agency, you benefit from our deep experience in medical staffing and our strong human resources capabilities. Contact us to learn more.