Licensed Social Worker Jobs in Maryland

Licensed social worker jobs in Maryland include generalist, advanced generalist, specialist, and clinical social worker positions. They can also involve research or education jobs. Social workers often perform the following patient-related duties: assessment, treatment, counseling, referral, evaluation and monitoring. For inpatients, they may perform patient admission services and discharge planning, and provide supportive services to the patients and their families. They may also provide appropriate community-based services. 

Empathy is job one

Licensed social workers may offer clinical assessments and determine appropriate levels of care. They might be called on to determine if additional clinical services are needed for patients from infants to the elderly populations. They are expected to handle patient crisis calls effectively by identifying risk, ensuring safety, and coordinating timely access to care.  

Desirable personality traits among social workers include being perceptive, analytical, empathic, flexible, organized, as well as a willingness to act as a strong advocate on behalf of patients.  

Maryland’s licensing categories

Maryland offers four different types of licensing for social workers. The basic license or certification requirement is a Licensed Social Worker Associate (LSWA). It requires a bachelor's degree in social work and that the candidate take the bachelor’s Association of Social Work Boards (ASWB) exam.  

The Licensed Graduate Social Worker (LGSW) rating requires a master’s degree in social work and the successful completion of the master’s ASWB exam. The Licensed Certified Social Worker (LCSW) requires a master’s degree in social work, the LGSW, and 3,000 hours of social work experience over two to six consecutive years, as well as a total of 144 total supervision hours. This is considered a generalist license and requires the completion of the generalist ASWB exam. The Licensed Certified Social Worker Clinical (LCSW-C) is a clinical license that requires 3,000 hours of experience, including 1,500 face-to-face clinical therapy hours within two years, and 144 total supervision hours. Candidates must pass the clinical ASWB exam.  

Finding the right jobs – or the right people

Licensees must renew their licenses every two years and document their continuing education efforts. Unlike many states, Maryland has no reciprocity agreements with other states, but it does require workers coming from elsewhere to pass the appropriate ASWB exams. 

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