About Us

Your Trusted Team - Providing Recruitment and Staffing Solutions for You

RieLes Group LLC first opened its doors to clients on Peachtree Street, the heartbeat of Atlanta, GA, in 2009. It was a place where many businesses began and continue to thrive today.

Our Services Then

At our inception, we consulted with small businesses that needed bandwidth on service contracts. Gradually, we expanded our offerings to business development and project management support. The goal was to build a reputation as a strategic partner engaging and sustaining top talent.

Our Services Now

Today, we're focusing on continuous growth and expanding staffing nationally-offering Administrative, HR, and Medical support solutions to our customers' evolving needs.

Awareness and Diversity

RieLes Group LLC has a clear understanding of today's challenges facing the staffing industry and recognizes a need for diversity. Not only is it defined by ethnic, cultural, or gender differences, but it’s also an awareness that allows clients to leverage employee strengths, opinions, and ideas. With our industry knowledge, and ability to swiftly acquire talent, we have met the solutions systemically of each customer both short and long-term.

Charles 2

On Persistence and Authenticity

About the founder - Charles Broom is the founder and CEO of RieLes Group LLC. He is responsible for cultivating the organizations vision, strategic direction, and performance. Mr. Broom believes in fostering a relationship with each employee and our business partners. A favorite line of his is “Relationships matter. Everything we do revolves around people. Treat each person the way you want to be treated.”

Our Hope

We want to attract individuals who share our clarity in purpose while stimulating the communities where we strategically establish our business relationships.

Why Choose Us

Our company embraces growth, innovation, and long-term partnerships. We have the ability to find you the right candidates in a timely manner and help you in facets of developing your business.

Making it work

RieLes Group LLC was founded to offer a new perspective and establish a different standard for support service solutions. Building a culture diverse in though that values collaboration and inclusion was paramount. Persistence, Authenticity, Integrity, and Respect are the cornerstones on which we build. RieLes has proven its capable of competing in today’s marketplace while economically empowering others.